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The Patriot® Hybrid Clean Air System® (MADE IN THE USA!) can only be purchased through an in home demonstration by your local authorized distributor.


Back in 1989 Harold Schoettler founded an exciting new company dedicated to developing and marketing consumer home environmental products of the highest quality.  SREC designs and manufacturers its products in Huntington Beach California, and distributes them to many different countries throughout the world.

Schoettler Research and Engineering Corp. - 15121 Graham Street, Suite 107 - Huntington Beach - Calif. 92649

Factory Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm (PST)

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Just a few of the over 30,000 satisfied customer testimonials we have on file:

"I would like to begin by saying that my husband and I have four wonderful indoor cats that we have collected over the years. As you can imagine, with four kitties there is cat hair all over. We keep our new sofas covered for this reason and we were really looking for a vacuum cleaner that was able to clean both the carpets and the sofa's primarily. Well as luck turned out, we were approached and decided to view a demonstration of the Patriot. Well, you guessed it we were so impressed that we elected to purchase the Patriot System. I have been using the Patriot weekly basis and I am still amazed at the amount of dirt, kitty hair, other thing, etc. that it continues to pick up. My home smells better and is much cleaner (as can be seen when disposing of the bag contents). I would recommend this system to people with allergies or pets. Please take the time to view a demonstration because the Patriot will prove itself. It is incredible and the worth the price, we love ours."- Deborah L. Romero

"The Patriot is light weight and easy to pull around. I can keep it plugged into the outlet and go all over our living room and family room without unplugging it. I especially like the back-saver "S" wand that makes it easier to get under chairs, beds, and etc. It doesn't put out a smell like the Electrolux because of the extra exhaust filter."- Janet Stutzman
"I feel the Patriot has cleaned my carpet really good and I like the fact I can use it on my furniture. The Patriot does not hurt my back and I also like that I can use it on hard floors too. I love this machine and it just makes me happy to know how it cleans my house and how easy it is to use."-Mary Parker

"This is the best vacuum I have ever had. Some of the things worth noting are the cleaning power- my carpet never looked so clean; the light weight of it- my arm muscles are not getting the workout they did with my old vacuum (thank goodness); and last, it is so nice to be able to vacuum under furniture. The way the vacuum head and the wands are positioned allows me to vacuum under the bed without moving it, under the edges of sofas and under my antique dresser. Vacuuming under the bed without even changing to an attachment is a real plus, considering I have a long haired little dog who likes to sleep there."- Nancy Brown

 "I like my new Patriot because it is not as loud as my last vacuum cleaner and it is easy to push around. I love the attachments that reach to higher places and the attachment that cleans the furniture and beds. I also finally have satisfaction of knowing that my house is really clean. Thank you Mr. Schoettler for setting me free!!"- Marika Fuday

"The Patriot's new technology all around. Easy to push, high air volume cleans best of all and lifts nap off the carpet. The salesman was the most polite, knowledgeable ,and friendly one we have ever met."- Gail Boulton