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Genuine Patriot® 'Replacement Filter' Package

 This is a 'special filter package' that replaces all the Patriot's internal and external filters:

(1) Medik-Aire® Certified HEPA Filter - $229.00

(2) Second Stage Motor Filter - $19.95

(3) Washable Cloth Bag - $24.95

(4) Disposable Bag (1 Dozen) - $19.95


     *****FILTERS ONLY*****  

 Save $44.85 with package

In upright-type and typical canister-type vacuum cleaners, air must pass through dirt, which causes a loss of power and suction. When air tries to pass through a clogged bag, dirt blocks the passage and restricts airflow. The Patriot's unique high velocity air flow creates incredible cleaning power by causing the air currents to literally separate the air and dirt from each other. The Patriot's Super Collider™ Air-Action maintains maximum efficiency and power longer by forcing the air to enter the bag-chamber at a precise angle.


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